Custom shoes

You have children, and one of the biggest headaches you have as a parent is that every so often you have to buy new shoes for your children. And they are not cheap! And this happens to you from time to time, when they are growing up, from a very […]


An ocean in a hotel

Quiet, I’m not going to suggest you fill a hotel with water. I am simply going to write an article trying to explain how a hotel can innovate and create a Blue Ocean. When we go on vacation or for work to another place, normally, if it is several days, […]


Analyzing nuts

You have a nut store, where you sell nuts and legumes. Within the nuts, you sell roasted and raw nuts, natural, honey, spices, etc. In legumes, you sell dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, flours, seeds, etc. In the city, there are several stores like these and there are also other grocery […]